Employee Privacy Issues

Making sure that your personal information is kept personal is something that you can generally control in your public life. But what about the areas beyond your control? What about the information that your employer is in possession of — Social Security number, address, salary, telephone number? Can you be certain that this information is not being disclosed?

Fortunately, for Minnesota public and private employees, there is the firm of Gregg M. Corwin & Associate Law Office, P.C., in Minneapolis. Our firm tackles matters of employee privacy head-on. To arrange a consultation, contact us today.

Government Data Practices

Under the Government Data Practices Act, all government data is presumed to be available to the public unless classified as private, confidential, nonpublic or protected nonpublic. This creates two issues for public employees: access to their own information and their right to have their personal information kept private following termination. Our firm works to help you with data protection, including the protection of your work and contact information.

Privacy Issues

Even in the workplace, on another's property, you have rights to privacy. Our firm has represented clients whose privacy has been violated through unreasonable searches of offices or desks, by making private information about them public (such as a criminal record or a dependency issue) or by using their likeness in some way without permission.

Unauthorized Use of the Internet

We have also represented clients in matters related to inappropriate Internet use at work. Our firm is happy to discuss with you matters such as the sending of inappropriate or threatening e-mails, harassment, threats of violence, stalking or viewing pornographic material at work.

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