Education Law

Minnesota Education Law Attorneys

Education is a high priority in the state of Minnesota. Our educational institutions and progressive practices have profoundly affected the academic culture of our country. Ensuring that teachers and students enjoy an ongoing protection of rights in Minnesota is important to our firm and its attorneys.

We are the firm of Gregg M. Corwin & Associate Law Office, P.C., located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For over 40 years, we have devoted our practice to assisting public and private employees with employment law litigation, arbitration and mediation matters. A significant aspect of this is the work we perform on behalf of professors and medical students. To speak with Gregg M. Corwin, contact us today and schedule an initial consultation.

Professors and Teacher Tenure Act Hearings

Gregg M. Corwin & Associate Law Office, P.C., has represented professors denied tenure as well as those who have faced the threat of being fired despite being tenured. We provide strong, able support in Teacher Tenure Act hearings as well as in matters related to professional licensing. While in many cases teachers' unions have their own counsel to address certain legal matters, our firm is happy to take on cases in which unions will not represent teachers.

Medical Students: Internships and Residency Issues

Another important aspect of our employment law practice deals with medical students. Our firm has represented medical students on academic probation for scholastic standing. In addition, we have provided counsel and successful assistance to those who have been removed from residencies or internships. Our work in this area of education law involves a lot of counseling and assessment in order to know how to best deal with each client's unique situation.

We have also represented students studying in other disciplines who have faced discrimination and harassment, or who have had their own academic work plagiarized.

Make certain that your labor or employment law issue, no matter the level of complexity, is in the hands of an attorney you can trust. Be sure that you are represented by a lawyer with the authority that comes from over 40 years of experience. Contact the firm of Gregg M. Corwin & Associate Law Office, P.C., today. Call 952-544-7774 .