Airline Employees

As a hub for a major airline and a large international airport located just to the south of the metropolitan area, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul see a number of employees who work in the airline industry: employees who live here, employees whose regular routes take them through Minnesota on a weekly basis, employees whose rights are guaranteed under the federal Railway Labor Act.

At the firm of Gregg M. Corwin & Associate Law Office, P.C., in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we provide litigation services to pilots, flight attendants and other airline employees. If you need an advocate to help resolve your work-related dispute, contact our firm today.

Airline Employees and the Railway Labor Act

When the Railway Labor Act was passed, it applied only to railway workers. Over time and with the dominance of the airlines in the transportation and travel industry, this act broadened to encompass airline workers. Today, most of the individuals covered under this act are airline pilots, flight attendants and other airline personnel. We represent employees before the System Board of Adjustment arbitration and EEOC claims.

Representing Minnesota's Pilots and Flight Attendants

If you have been fired or suspended over a conduct, safety or training matter, or if you have been offered a last chance agreement, contact our firm. We have extensive experience in representing clients who have faced disciplinary actions inconsistent with the nature of the incident. In addition, we have represented airline employees who have been discriminated against on the basis of affectional (sexual) preference, disability and gender.

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