Twin Cities Employment and Labor Attorneys

Labor and employment-related issues are a different beast. Securing the services of a lawyer with the level of experience needed to resolve your case, as well as the insight to understand the opposition is critical.

The firm of Gregg M. Corwin & Associate Law Office, P.C., in Minneapolis, Minnesota, works with employees and unions across our state. We serve as litigators and mediators, providing a deep understanding of the state and federal laws that apply to your situation. We invite you to take advantage of our employment law experience spanning over three decades — contact our firm today.

A Minnesota Firm That Understands Employment Law

Since 1972, our firm has been focusing our practice on employment law, representing both public and private employees. Our focus on workers' rights includes representing clients in a variety of matters, including:

  • Employment agreements — including noncompete clauses and breach of contract claims
  • Discrimination — including sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and age discrimination claims
  • Employee privacy issues — including violations of the Government Data Privacy Act
  • Professional licensing — including representation for doctors, nurses, physical therapists, pilots and lawyers
  • Airline employees — including Railway Labor Act and representation before the System Board of Adjustment and EEOC claims
  • Education law — including teachers, professors and medical students

Minnesota's Pre-eminent Labor Law Attorney

"Gregg has always been a zealous advocate for his clients."
Law & Politics, April/May 2004

Attorney Gregg Corwin has changed the face of employment and labor law in the Twin Cities and throughout the state of Minnesota. In the area of labor law, Mr. Corwin has represented both unions and union members and has also been an active participant in the development of the Public Employment Labor Relations Act (PELRA) in the state of Minnesota.

Make certain that your labor or employment law issue, no matter the level of complexity, is in the hands of an attorney you can trust. Be sure that you are represented by a lawyer with the authority that comes from over 40 years of experience. Contact the firm of Gregg M. Corwin & Associate Law Office, P.C., today. Call 952-544-7774 .

The attorneys at our firm work as a team on every case that comes in our office. To provide the best outcome for our clients, we leverage our combined experience and skill to develop a robust legal strategy.